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M81 and M82 Galaxies

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M81 and M82 Galaxies
Wide field of M81 and M82 galaxies M81 (larger galaxy on the right) was first discovered in first discovered by Johann Elert Bode in 1774. Consequently, the galaxy is sometimes referred to as "Bode's Galaxy". Located about 11.7 million light years from earth in the constellation Ursa Major (the Big Dipper). It is the main galaxy in the "M81Galaxy Group" of galaxies that contains about 34 galaxies and does not include our own Milky Way. The smaller M82 galaxy in the upper left is interacting with M81 to a large extent. You can see hints of red spikes in the middle of the image which is a result of new star formation. M82 is about the same distance away from us as M81 and the two are separated by 130 light years. How many galaxies can you find in this image? How about 15? Technical Data: Megrez 90 operated a f/5.5 ST80 guide scope Nebulosity capture PHD guide Atlas mount Processed with Deepsky stacker and Photoshop CS2
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